Training Courses for Personal and

Organisational Development

Dr Phil Jackson

TrainingMinds courses will give you a new way forward.

You will find new ways to make the best of your organisation, your work and your life.  You will gain new ways of approaching situations and people based on new ways of thinking that will open new possibilities…



TrainingMinds courses work in a range of contexts including organisational change, organisational development, cultural change, leadership style development, customer relationship development, and improving communication, all of which require various forms of personal development and change.

Through the TrainingMinds approach, you will gain a deeper understanding of how and why people do what they do, and how to act more effectively in your chosen context.  By sharing knowledge and facilitating experiences and self reflection through training courses and one-to-one coaching, you will be free to make positive change happen.

Courses and coaching are delivered by Dr Phil Jackson who has a wealth of experience in management and training and developing people over many years.  He founded TrainingMinds in 2004 (then known as JacksonSolutions) after a career in science and management which continued into the behavioural sciences.

In addition to training he also offers individual coaching for personal and work-related outcomes.