Now, more than ever, it is increasingly important that leadership is effective at getting the most out of an organisation’s resources.  This requires good decision making based on open communication and the skills to develop, motivate and empower employees to deliver greater achievement.

The courses listed in these pages are aimed at developing the ‘soft’ skills of people in organisations so that organisations work better.  All the courses work in their own right and can be combined to create Leadership and Management Development Programmes that can be branded as your organisation’s and run over several days and spread over several months as required.

If you think the degree of change you require is company wide and will take more than a leadership development intervention, you might be facing more of an underlying cultural change.  If so, you should read the accompanying page on Organisational Change from the drop down menu.

The underlying ethos behind TrainingMinds leadership and management programmes is that motivated and empowered people perform better and more consistently than employees who are controlled and dis-empowered.  All of the courses build on this premise.  The idea that leadership is about building hierarchies, superiority and control is not supported because this deprives employees of any sense of the responsibility and accountability that they require for their self-directed achievement.  Releasing the potential and the energy from your workforce means that the empowering leader must take on the role of coach, educator and guide to shape and direct their employees energies in the right direction.  This leadership ethos has been reflected repeatedly over the last 10 years in CIPD surveys that show the number one most effective learning and development tool for managers is the ability to be able to deliver on-the-job coaching.

The world is changing, make sure you and your organisation change with it.  Email Phil now to talk about what you need