Organisational Change – bespoke programmes

Most organisations are facing up to the need for cultural change to keep pace with the increasing rate-of-change of the world we operate in.  The hallenge facing most organisations is how to simultaneously increase their productivity and their flexibility to meet higher expectations.

Organisational change is possible, I’ve done it many times.  A few years ago I contributed to the saving of an in-house distribution service that was facing the possibility of being outsourced by its multinational parent company because of cost pressures.  By implementing Total Quality Management approaches, changing the shape of the leadership team and the leadership style, and involving the whole workforce in continuous improvement, and targeting a development programme on involvement and empowerment, the operation became more cost competitive than the 3rd party logistics competition.  The operation remained a dedicated in-house resource providing a tailored service to its parent company which many believed provided a better quality service than an outsourced operator, at more competitive cost.

The reason most change initiatives fail is that the people leading the change think the people who need to change will just do as required and simply follow orders, and they don’t.

If your organisation is undergoing any major change programme, it will almost certainly have a people-impact factor to contend with.  It could be restructuring, performance or productivity enhancement, aquisition or merger, or that you’ve recognised that your organisational culture needs to change.

If so, and you’d like support with bringing your people with you, then email me to talk about your plans.