Phil JacksonHello and welcome to TrainingMinds.   I’m Phil Jackson and TrainingMinds was founded by me with the purpose of developing people and relationship skills at work and at home and balancing the two.

TrainingMinds helps people to bring about positive change in themselves and in their relationships to become more effective, with better overall balance and less stress.



So why train with me?

I get a lot of good feedback as a trainer and I’ll happily put you in touch with previous clients if you’d like to find out more about my training style.  I’ve been a freelance trainer and coach since 2004, having founded TrainingMinds after a 20+ year career in science and management which continued into the behavioural sciences.

I am an INLPTA accredited NLP Trainer. As well as my NLP accreditations I have a Degree in Chemistry, a Doctorate in Philosophy, an MSc in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Coaching. I’m also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and until recently a Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.  I don’t currently practice as a hypnotherapist but I do use relaxation and mindfulness meditation to support learning and integration on my courses.

I’m also an occasional post-graduate lecturer at the University of Manchester Business School on the role of values and underlying values systems in the communication and implementation of organisational change.

On a personal note …….

I live in South Liverpool which has connections to my past, full of history and characters, close to beautiful parks and the river Mersey, a wonderful place to live.

I do what I do because I find great satisfaction in seeing people develop and becoming happier. Delivering training in human behaviour is interesting because most people already have many resources and skills without knowing it. Using this makes it easy for people to learn.  By identifying and building on what we already have, we can  develop the know-how of when to use it to greatest effect and get the outcomes we’re looking for. There are many great tools, techniques and approaches that can be easily learnt to provide people with more choice and more behavioural flexibility. The more options people have for responding to and dealing with situations, the more likely they are to be successful, and its very rewarding to see this happen

What you will get from my courses…

  • My courses are fun, friendly, interactive and creative environments ideal for learning and developing. My delivery style is like a group coaching session in which I take people on a journey and bring the best out of everyone.


  • I am flexible in the design and delivery of training and I adjust my approach and content in order to make sure you get highly relevant input and maximum benefit.


  • All of my courses have a very practical and interactive focus. I have an equal interest in practical application and theory: I emphasise practice, which means you will get stories and exercises for experiential learning, yet if you’re interested in the theoretical side of things then I’m happy to incorporate that too.


  • You will walk away with the advantage of being able to use tools and techniques and ways of thinking from the behavioural sciences and NLP applied to a whole range of work and life contexts.


To contact me for further information or to arrange a phone call, email me at phil@trainingminds.co.uk .


Please take some time to read the testimonials from former course delegates on the pages throughout this website.