Miscellaneous Articles

This page includes a list of interesting and relevant articles and links to other web-articles on a wide range of topics.  As the list grows I’ll organise it into categories, but for now I’ve just given a short introduction to each article:

Free Brain Games and Brain Training exercises –

I use these from time to time and I recommend them highly – from LUMINOSITY. They also do an app for portable devices.

Press Release on benefits of in-house NLP Business Communications Diploma training –

In conjunction with SimplySelling, I ran two 4-day NLP Diploma’s focussed on Business Communications internally for Simplicity – one of the largest back-office service providers to the recruitment industry, find out what they said here

See how the brain works –

Using a beatbox and a cockroach neuroscientist Greg Gage shows how brains deliver and receive electrical impulses and what happens to them (TED Talk on video)