NLP Diploma in Business Communication

This is an excellent introduction to being able to use the principles of NLP to enrich your working life.  It is based on the same INLPTA Standard as the NLP Diploma, the difference is that this course is delivered with all examples and situations set in a business environment.  As this course is usually run in-house, we include a training-needs assessment to determine the most useful business situations to use during course delivery.

The 4 day course is either run over two two-day blocks or four separate days spaced one to two weeks apart.  The course includes the fundamentals of what NLP is, how and why it works, and how to use a range of thought and behavioural change techniques for personal and professional development in the work context.

These courses are both professionally driven and well executed. They have helped me to develop some really important relationships which have become vital for sustaining and growing my project portfolio.

Liz from Liverpool