NLP Master Practitioner

Following on from NLP Practitioner training, there is often interest in continued development and broadening understanding as well as mastering your existing skills.  In addition to the full INLPTA syllabus which can be found here: NLP Master Practitioner INLPTA Standard, this course also gives a more in depth look at Myers Briggs Personality Types (MBTI), Values Assessment (Spiral Dynamics), and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ).  For each of these profiles you will receive an individual feedback report as well as benefiting from the group discussion.

The course also covers the techniques for modelling excellence and you will carry out a modelling project on an expert of your choice with coaching and supervision from your trainer.

I am seeing benefits both in my personal and working life. I guess it can be summarised as feeling more alive than ever before – a heightened awareness of everyone and everything and my potential impact on them.

The course has built on the inspiring learning of the NLP practitioner course growing the knowledge and techniques and desires to learn / practice more. Essentially the course is helping me become a better citizen and contributor to society from family and friends to total strangers.

Paul Haslam Retail consultant and coach, Harrogate, Yorkshire