NLP Practitioner in Business Communication

This course is based on the same syllabus as the NLP Practitioner, the difference is that this course is delivered with all examples and situations set in a business context and environment.

This is a full and comprehensive NLP Practitioner training covering all aspects of the INLPTA syllabus focussed on improving communications in business.  It includes many powerful insights to human behaviour and gives you the chance to learn approaches for enabling changes in perspective, increasing flexibility and the ability to deal with a wide range of people and life situations much more resourcefully.

This is a 16 day course and the first 4 days are the NLP Business Communications Diploma.  Therefore, if you already have a Diploma Certificate, you only need to do the remaining 12 days of the Practitioner Course.

The full content can be found in the attached INLPTA standard on the NLP Practitioner page.

For further details of the business communications track, please contact Phil