NLP Practitioner

For information on what NLP is all about and what you will learn on this practitioner training, please see the NLP OVERVIEW on the drop-down menu.

This NLP Practitioner training is a full, practical and comprehensive course covering all aspects of the recommended INLPTA NLP Practitioner syllabus (see link below).  It includes many powerful insights to human behaviour and gives you the chance to become the best version of you you can imagine by learning approaches for enabling changes in perspective, increasing flexibility and the ability to deal with a wide range of people and life situations much more resourcefully.

Thanks Phil for being an amazing trainer, I’d have paid double and it would still have been good value!

Pam Holland, HR Consultant from Huddersfield and Dubai

This is a 16 day course and the first 4 days are the NLP Diploma.  Therefore, if you already have a Diploma Certificate, you only need to do the remaining 12 days of the Practitioner Course.

The full course content can be found here: NLP Practitioner INLPTA Standard


I just wanted to say that I have had a fantastic time and it’s been a fantastic journey, so thank you for making it soooo enjoyable.

Debby Hassall from Cheshire